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Lemon-Aide has traveled all over the world

After expenses are paid, Sharon and her husband plan to donate all the money raised from the sale of the Lemon-Aide clowns and other products to fight cancer.

How Does Lemon-Aide Benefit Cancer Patients?

Lemon-Aide provides encouragement for those undergoing cancer treatments.

Lemon-Aide is an inexpensive gift to show your love for someone with cancer.

Lemon-Aide provides support and serves as a companion when someone is undergoing chemotherapy or radiation.

When someone is undergoing cancer treatments and you don't know what to say or do there is Lemon-Aide.

Donating to Lemon-Aide's Friends helps in the fight against cancer.

Donating to Lemon-Aide's Friends helps fulfill our mission of providing pain management for those who do not have insurance.

Lemon-Aide helps ease cancer patients anxiety and fear.